Meeting Alyssa (work in progress)

Arnold Thompkins was sitting comfortably in his living room, waiting eagerly. The show, Brentwood’s Big Stars, were named ironically. The artists were well-known in town but obscure in most everywhere else. Arnold saw a video for one of Alyssa Donegan’s songs called, “As I Go.” She was dressed in a tucked in T-shirt and belted jeans. He thought she looked great. Whenever he saw female singers wearing their shirts tucked in, he liked their style because most singers nowadays, whether male or female, preferred looking sloppier in loose shirts. He figured the situation was a matter of preference. Just like food: some people enjoyed linguini and clams with Alfredo sauce. Other people avoided pasta, fish and dairy. As far as he was concerned, he could not understand why more entertainers did not dress well. He was equally puzzled why more people did not agree with him.

After Alicia’s video was shown, there was a small interview segment called, “In The Studio.” She was the featured artist that week. She was shown playing piano, singing. She was wearing a plaid shirt tucked in. Arnold was pleasantly nervous. Did she usually dress like that? After the interview segment was over, he went into the bedroom and logged onto his computer. He looked up her name and what appeared with her name was under the category of singer songwriter. There were a few pictures, all showing her wearing the tucked in T-shirt look from her video. He clicked on the images category and saw some pictures just of her face or the top part of her body but not enough to see the whole outfit but he noticed, in the pictures of her whole outfit, her shirts were always tucked in. Some pictures were T-shirts and others were plaid shirts, always with rolled up sleeves and belted jeans. There were also pictures of other people, one of whom looked a little bit like her but not much, wearing a blue sweatshirt and jogging pants. He clicked on it and the caption showed, “Allyssa Little from Donegan County.” The computer showed results for anything with the words Alyssa  and Donegan, including a church with the caption, “Alyssa’s and Donegan’s wedding.”

He looked at websites that posted interviews with her. In one interview, she said, “I don’t care what other people do. I do my own thing. That goes for my music and how I look.”

She was apparently from Brentwood. Arnold could not recollect if he saw her anywhere in town. He had just heard of her yesterday, when Brentwood’s Big Stars showed “As I Go” during the closing credits, indicating she would be featured tomorrow. There were a few other female singers who wore their shirts tucked in who Arnold liked but they fluctuated in their styles and sometimes wore dresses or cut off T-shirts. So far, Alyssa was the only one staying constant in her appearance. Arnold wondered if she only dressed that way for when she was promoting her career. Perhaps in private the situation was different. Howard wondered about the possibility of meeting her.


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