Meet Me For Eternity chapter one

He was worried he would not make the trip to his house in time to avoid the rain. So far, everything was going against him. He had finished talking with his uncle and the uncle’s lawyer about money that proved not to exist. The point of the meeting was for Red to pick up his share of an inheritance. That was what he was told by his uncle, Bob, on the phone yesterday during a frantic conversation amounting to how Red had to be at the law offices of Bergman, Thomas, Brown and Hawke at noon exactly tomorrow. Red knew tomorrow was supposed to have rain and not just a little but. He had no umbrella and he could not buy one until the day after tomorrow when he got paid but Bob said he would give Red an umbrella when they met with Eli Bergman and Ethan Thomas to go over fine details. Now, as he was walking quickly, hoping the sky would behave just long enough for Red to be indoors, he thought about how he should have known his uncle was very good at screwing things up.


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