Mr. Wilson’s Surprise


     Mr. John Wilson had the surprise of his life. He was used to having the company of relatives who were huge in body weight and small in mind capacity. They were equal partners in the firm of Wilson, Anschutz and Lucido. They often came to his office to talk about frozen dinners, which he disliked to eat, much less hear about in conversation. He wondered why he could not attract someone more interesting to his office, like a non-family member. However, one day, while he sent some documents to Robert Anschutz, son of co-partner Nicholas Anschutz, who worked there as an accountant, John noticed an attractive lady wearing a sweatshirt tightly tucked in her jeans that were belted. She waved to him as if he was her good friend.
He knew that it was possible a lady may be attracted to him because of his status in the company, but everyone singing more geared forward hanging out with Robert the accountant than with him.
Robert had many women friends who wore their shirts tucked in while John had to make do with acquaintanceship of his cousin, Maria Wilson, who was three hundred pounds and always wore loose pajama tops and running pants. However, Maria was rich and part owner of the company so most people overlooked her weight. John would have liked to have an attractive woman friend.

     He remembered that, back in high school, there were women who dressed similar to how the sweatshirt wearer looked but he had been shy and did not pursue the issue. He wondered if he was mature enough to tell her he was happy she waved at him.
     He felt that life was not always that simple. People usually did not walk up to other people and say things like, “Hello, I like your smile” or, “I liked the way you blinked your eyes twice” unless they were looking for reciprocation in the form of a business merger. However, if he did not give some indication as to his appreciation of her acknowledgement, he would not know if she was a part of the company or an outsider he was lucky to observe. the same situation would happen over again.
     He remembered that his mother knew a young woman who never wore her shirts tucked any day in her life, a woman who had unhealthy eating habits and bad taste in music, and had no interest in him romantically. However, she was the only woman who he had known during that time of his growing up years so he had considered her as a prospective wife merely because everyone who lived in his neighborhood had wondered if he was heterosexual and he did not feel like fooling them. Now, with a woman who looked like his ideal, especially with her tight clothes and her golden smile, he could possibly walk up to her and talk about anything, even a trivial subject like caramel candy or pencil erasers but with the incentive of that he was talking with her.

     Of course, he would be in the right  because she had waved at him. He would not be accused of wrongfully pursuing someone who was not interested. Unless, however, the reason why she waved at him was because she was a saleswoman who wanted him to purchase a set of encyclopedias or vacuum cleaners. The only way he would find out would be if he actually approached her and said something.
     He was not sure whether or not she was actually waving at him. His uncle Gary, who weighed 400 pounds, had made a similar mistake when he talked with a woman on the sidewalk in Antioch, California. Gary wanted to shake her hand and she refused to do so because she thought he was slovenly. The woman was no great shakes to look at but she was standing on the sidewalk in an area where attractive women were not known to congregate.
     John decided that his best bet would be to initiate a conversation with the woman because, if he did not take that opportunity, he would be missing out on something. He did not know what he would be missing out on but he knew that it would be something. The only way anything would happen was if he took action. She showed she acted on something, regardless of whether or not he had misinterpreted the circumstance. Life was not a sure thing. Nothing was cut and dry but he knew there was a reason she waved towards him. He would use the opportunity to escape the fate that was brought upon his family who never thought creatively and who were always bummed out about their situation.
     He would say, “Hello.”


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