A Week In Her Life: poetry by Lee Gerstmann

This book is both a poetry of words and pictures. The idea concerns a daydream of sorts: a “what if” as far as one’s hoped-for reality coming true. In the instance of these poems, a woman dresses consistently sexy and a week in her life is represented in lyric form. She always wears shirts tucked into belted jeans. I have written poems celebrating her persona. Regardless of location, there are many places in the United States where people are generally not putting image in the forefront of their everyday lives. These people do not think about attraction per se. Attraction is the key element here. I am putting so-called surface issues to the forefront of importance. This book is for those who are willing to be entertained by a certain point of view. Enjoy! – Lee


Be The Bear

An attraction to nature sets one into

a moment of convergence with the ideal

Become a match with nature’s entity

Be the bear in American splendor

Hug the little guy in caring thought

with daydreams of celebrity status

“I am the country’s princess!”

Soon, the masses will recognize

meticulous examples of awesomeness

In the meantime, she has her friend

able to console during times of doubt

Be the bear: a new motto

for those soon to act bold



I wonder who will message me?

A surprise awaits my cell-phone gazing

A digital pearl of sorts, perhaps

Did someone spy me at the mall?

Have I been approached by a pedestrian?

All these admirers and not enough time

How can I select whom receives a reply?

Perhaps looking beautiful can be a curse

but I much prefer that when things could be worse.


Give Me A Hug

Give me a hug and don’t be shy

Boys are afraid and I wonder why

There’s nothing sneaky, no hidden charms

Just a positive vibe and open arms

Too many people wonder about lust

without realizing a thing called trust

If you want to avoid me, go to another

then brag to your friends about your mother

I’ll hold out my arms a while longer

My fondness for you grows even stronger

but if you decide I should wait

I’ll retract my offer and you’ll be too late


Reading Me

I wonder how such a thing would be

if a hot looking woman read of me

My book in her hands, eyes scanning each word

Is such a daydream really absurd?

No, I admit… we are all unique

in how we act and how we speak

I can imagine my words attracting

a quite sexy dresser whose clothes are enacting

someone with elegance, grace and style

Such a hope will keep me writing a while


Waking Up On Yet Another Morning

Each day brings its own surprise

or perhaps development is a better word

because one never knows what is in store

for one who expects the unexpected

Her outfit is geared towards colorful adventures

transcending the rest of her family’s trivial ways

She will not succumb to normality’s pressure

opting instead to brighten the room

and, maybe later, color the whole world



What am I waiting for

in this moment and life?

Another conversation with my next door neighbor

about the slowness of growing petunias?

Will the mailman ask about my dogs

as if they are his very best friends?

Is it of no consequence to look rather awesome?

I believe my beauty has purpose

just like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly

My worth will be known and fate will embrace me

I shall sit here not too much longer

The chair will be yours if you want it.


Another Bunch Of Blah Blah Blah

Yes I heard you already ten minutes ago

and how another boyfriend walked out the door

What does it matter to me, shall I ask?

You never invite me to your weekend parties

You keep telling me to switch hair conditioners

Why don’t you bother one of your best friends

Am I the only one you trust with this nonsense?

You must be aware how gorgeous I look

even though you are scared to wear jeans

and shirts not cropped are horrific to you

I guess you choose not to hear about all that

Goodbye and let’s hope you never call again.